PicoBong Koa Ring Vibe

PicoBong Koa

PicoBong Koa

I love sex toy testing and reviewing bullets and eggs because they are such versatile and inexpensive toys which can be used by both sex toy newbies and the experienced alike.

The PicoBong Koa is the latest ring vibe from the renowned sex toy manufacturer Lelo and differs from other similar toys because this vibe has a ring which enables you to keep a grip even when the going gets wet.  😉

This little vibe feels nice to touch, having a velvety smooth silicone body and a contrasting shiny ABS plastic handle which could also be used to hook this vibe over your panties if they are hipsters.  Or you could use it to hand up your Koa for easy access.

Being able to wear this bullet on your hand makes it a good choice for teasing and massaging those erogenous zones as you get yourself in the mood for a little more hardcore clitoral action….and fuck do I feel like some so I’ll hurry up with this intro so I can get down to some action.

So for all of you out there reading this review, here are the PicoBong Koa’s deal breakers and you’ll need to be quick reading this because I can’t wait.  Lol

The Koa offers…

  • Almost silent vibrations so no need to worry about being discovered having fun at work.  Lol
  • Offers 12 levels of vibration and vibratory patterns, one for everyone!
  • Has easy to operate + & – controls on the shaft for simple and effective usage.
  • Enjoy 2 hours of play from one AAA battery, now that is plenty of bangs for your bucks.
  • Is waterproof up to a depth of 1 meter, so bath time is going to be fun.
  • Made from body safe, FDA approved silicone.

Ok, that’s over lets get on with the testing.  Come with me.

The wind was blowing a gale outside as I snuggled under the duvet.  Naughty me, I didn’t even bother closing the curtains.  It was a dark and miserable day and unless I turned on the “big” light as Peter Kay would put it, I was in no fear of detection in my pursuit of pleasure.

I found the Koa slipped nicely over my middle finger and I applied a little Lube Tube to get things started.  Being careful not to touch the duvet on the way down I guided the Koa towards my little pink nub.

The lube felt cold at first and made me shudder and tingle in a good way.  😉  Confused I pressed the control nearest to me and found that nothing happened.  After feeling my way down the shaft I depressed the button nearest to the tip and the vibrations kicked off.  Silly me!

After holding my finger on the + button for a  while the vibratory patterns started, just what I was looking for.  I pressed the Koa against my clitoris which was more than ready for the vibratory stimulation.  To aid guidance placing my index finger and third finger on the curly ring helped, otherwise the movement control becomes difficult as the ring slips around on your finger.

It was now possible to guide the PicoBong Koa over my clitoris in all directions, much to my enjoyment.  Still wishing to experiment I slid the vibe down my slit towards my vaginal opening.  With a tilt of my hand the Koa was now entering my cunt.

Because there is a curved handle on the Koa it found a natural breaking point and stopped whilst seated in my vaginal opening.  A plus as far as I’m concerned because you can use this bullet for shallow vaginal penetration and stimulation with the assurance that it will not disappear unexpectedly inside you as most bullets would be prone to because they don’t have a finger ring. Unless of course you give it a good shove up there.

The shallow penetrative vibrations were good and I savoured them for a while before returning to my clit.  I decided to change the vibratory pattern at this point but found it difficult because the controls were now slick with a lube/cum coating over them.

Persistence paid off and I managed to find a vibratory pattern which interested me and placed the PicoBong Koa over my swollen clit once more.  I was so ready to cum and within seconds started to twitch with the imminent arrival of my orgasm.

Everything went Bong!

The Koa is a superb mini vibe which is suitable for both clitoral and shallow vaginal stimulation.  It’s also a good toy for sex toy newbies, seasoned users and couples to enjoy.  The only problem I found with the Koa and as such the whole PicoBong range is the fact that the controls are on the penetrative shaft of the toy and difficult to discern when the toy is dry from the logo they are integrated in, but wet!

But that said this toy does what it says on the tin.  🙂







Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.