Nasstoys Metallic Lust Bullet
Nasstoys Metallic Lust Bullet

Over the years I’ve sex toy tested and reviewed many bullets and I have to say I never tire of them because they are such a versatile addition to your personal toy box.

And this one looks very girly in its purple metallic shell.  This vibe isn’t one you can share with your partner unless they are right next to you as it’s hard wired.  But I’m sure you will think of fun ways to use the remote control.  😉

There is enough wire to hand over the control to your partner in the bedroom but it’s not so easy in the great outdoors as there is only about 3’ of wire between you both.  So outside the bedroom this toy is a self-pleasure product.

Therefore in this instance I will give the Metallic Lust Bullet my undivided attention while Alex is out at work.  😉

I’ve just risen from my bed and will give you the rundown of the Metallic Lust Bullet whilst I make a coffee. See you soon:

  • Small but powerful.
  • Offers 5 speed/function settings.
  • Easily operated via the + and – buttons which are raised for use in the dark or discreetly in a pocket.
  • Comes with 3’ wired controller you can easily use and slip in to your pocket.
  • Operates with 2 x AAA batteries.
  • Looks great with its funky metallic finish and is relatively quiet in operation.

I decided to put this bullet through its paces at the local supermarket, notoriously boring I hoped it would liven up my shopping trip.

Reaching down the front of my trousers I slipped the bullet inside my panties’ gusset and placed the remote in my right hip pocket.  Then I slipped on my long snugly jumper which covered the lead from my trousers to my pocket and I was ready to go.

10 minutes later I was retrieving a shopping trolley and entering the store.  It was bustling with people and as I pressed my remote I felt reassured that nobody would here it above the stores constant din.

The Mettalic Lust Bullet was sitting snugly between my two labia and now giving me a pleasant low hum.  I pressed the + button again until I got to the pulsation settings and OMG!     That felt so good, my boring shopping trip was looking up.

I retrieved my shopping list from my handbag and continued in to the store.  By the time I had reached the eggs I had figured out that walking and simultaneously rubbing my thighs together heightened the vibrations intensity as the bullet pressed closer to me.

At this juncture I will point out the importance of writing a list before going shopping because the distraction of the buzzing in your panties disrupts your thought processes.  Lol

There was now a permanent smile playing on my lips, I’m not sure if anyone was suspicious but if you knew me you probably would have guessed.  😉

Another press of the control took me to a more rapid pulsation and I almost stopped in my tracks right by the condiments.  Uhmmm, that chocolate spread looked kind of naughty for a moment.

I continued through the shop until I picked my last purchase from the shelves and made my way to the checkout.  It was packed so I opted to self scan and was out of there as quick as possible.

The vibrations had me tingling in my pelvic area and I couldn’t wait to get home and give myself a good seeing to.  As I started the car I realised the time, Alex would be home soon.  Thank fuck for that!

As I reversed on to the drive with my pussy alive and buzzing I noticed Alex pull on to the road.  Hastily I set the car alarm and took the bags in to the house.  Nothing frozen to be put away.  I made my way upstairs and waited for Alex to open the door.

“I’m up here”, I shouted as he entered the hall.

He was going to fuckin’ get it!

The Nasstoys Metallic Lust Bullet is small and discreet and would be the perfect companion for those wanting to give themselves a tingle or in my case a clitoral shake up.






By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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