Move N Shake Bullet Review

Move N Shake Bullet Vibrator

Move N Shake Bullet Vibrator

Bullets are a very versatile sex toy because they can be used in so many ways. So a sex toy review of a bullet can always be fun. Slip them inside the gusset of your panties to enjoy a little clitoral stimulation or inside your bra cup to let the vibrations tease your nipples.

They are also very portable, so you can wear them and venture out for a bit of added excitement.  You can share them with your partner during foreplay.  The vibrations feel wonderful when pressed against the perineum of both males and females.

Or simply roll it over your body or that of your partner to enjoy the sensation of the vibrations on your skin as your bullet becomes a mini massager.  See, I told you they can be used in many different situations and for a variety of sensations.  😉

But my California Exotics Move N Shake Bullet has a little something extra.  It is activated by movement and will work through the 4 available functions without need for intervention.  So you can wander around and leave the Move N Shake Bullet to its own devices.

It’s the perfect choice for a bit of hands free fun and the automatic function selection adds a further twist to your enjoyment and pleasure.

Here’s what the Move N Shake Bullet has to offer.

  • Compact in size being just 6cm x 3cm.
  • Velvety coated for comfort and sensuality in use.
  • Push button On/Off control.
  • Waterproof for bedroom and bathtime fun
  • Action activated for hands free stimulation and control.
  • 4 vibratory functions for you to savour without intervention.
  • Operated via 4 LR44 which are supplied along with a spare set, so are ready to go from the moment you open the box!

I decided the best way to try out my Move N Shake Bullet would be to wear it whilst taking my weekly walk with Alex.  And it would certainly spice things up a little.  🙂  We usually take our 5 miles round walk, weather permitting at the weekend when Alex is around to do so.

As I placed my hand on the door handle to step outside I pressed the on button of the bullet which was nestling in my panties against my clit.  Alex locked the door behind us and the step off the doorstep sprang my bullet in to action.

Although it wasn’t one of the noisiest bullets I have tested, it certainly wasn’t one of the quietest either.  I hoped we wouldn’t be passing anyone within close range or they would hear and I don’t know what excuse I would have come up with for having buzzing coming from my pubic area.  Lol

That said the vibrations were powerful and the soft coating felt warm and sensuous against my pussy.  The pulse setting it had self selected was very nice and made each step I took more interesting.  I’m sure most people don’t tackle substantial hills with a smile but I did that day.

I found the most effective way to cycle through the settings was to flick you hips in a rather deliberate fashion or to add a jumping step to your gait, both a little conspicuous but achievable with diligence ensuring nobody was looking.

All the time I was walking and experiencing the tickling vibrations offered to my clitoris I was considering just how good it would feel if I were jogging.  I don’t jog but a neighbour does.  Do You think I should ask her to test it out too?

If you want a fun hands free bullet which packs a punch albeit not too quietly then this is the one for you.  😉

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