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Fantasy Panty

Fantasy Panty

Vibro Pants

It’s not often that people send me pants in the post let alone a pair you can use as a sex toy.  But that is exactly what Simply Pleasures did for this sex toy review.  😉  They are the Remote Control Fantasy Panty from Pipedream, are they a dream sex toy? Read on to find out.

The Panties come complete with a wireless remote so you can have uninhibited play and unusually for vibro pants they come in a plus size for the larger lady should.  I tested a pair in the past which were created for a size 0 lady and not everyone is built like that as we know.

I couldn’t wait to open the box and check out the contents, this is what I got.

  • One pair of elastic waisted panties which have a sexy vinyl pouch with plush tiger striping.
  • They are additionally adjustable via the Velcro fastening waist strap, so you can be assured if you are a BBW that these will fit.  They go up to a 111cm.
  • A bullet to secrete in the rubber noduled clit stimulator which is built in to the panties.
  • 2 x AAA batteries for the vibrator
  • 1 x 12V battery for the remote control unit
  • 1 x tube of lube
  • 1 x tube of toy cleaning fluid

In addition you will also require a flat headed screw driver to help you place the batteries inside the bullet.  The battery compartment is partially covered and requires you to push the ends of the batteries under the bullet’s structure, whilst avoiding bending the spring at the top of the compartment.  I found it easier to insert the batteries whilst pushing the spring back against the bullets wall to avoid distortion.

You will also need to open your tube of lube to aid insertion of the bullet in the panties rubber bullet holder.  Ensure you squeeze the end of the holder to remove any trapped air or you will not be able to fully insert the bullet.

Right now you are ready to go!

When I asked for the Remote Control Fantasy Panties I had in mind walking round with a smile on my face in a public place, perhaps the supermarket.  Just for the added thrill of being sexually stimulated without anyone else knowing. Naughty!

When I opened the packet I changed my mind, the bullet is too large to secret under your clothing and it’s none too quiet but it is quite powerful so I knew they should be good.

In the end I decided to wear my panties whilst sitting at my desk.  Somewhere you wouldn’t normally be able to use a conventional toy.  I just had to decide which sexual stimuli I wanted to test them with and didn’t have to think for long, I was still attached to Facebook on one of my sessions.

Plenty of dirty minded people on there.  I replied to the earlier email, the one from the guy who always tells me he is in his shop waiting for a guy to turn up to fuck him.  I know, slightly more original than most I get.  Lol  This is obviously his fantasy or should I say his wank fantasy.

I slip on the panties with ease, adjusting the elastic waistband down a little.  They really do feel comfortable on but the obvious bulge at the front gives the game away.  😉  I sit on my chair and open the email he sent earlier.  At this point I’m hoping that he is still around as I type “I’m online if you are around…” and press send.

For some reason I’m feeling really dirty, sitting in my vibro pants waiting for the dirty talk to begin.  There is no response at first then I see that he is typing.  He replies that he is still waiting for the guy to come over and wanking to get himself hard.  I press that button on my remote and the vibe bursts in to life.

My clit is already wet and receptive, my mind racing.  The vibrations ripple gently through my clitoris and I wriggle to adjust my position and the contact the bullet is making.  I tell him I’m sitting in my vibrating panties awaiting his naughty updates.  You would normally have a problem keying in with a toy in your hand but this was hands free play.  Great!  😉

He delights in telling me what he is going to do to the guy when he arrives and I feel so dirty and kinky.  I ask him if he is going to let him fuck him or will it be the other way round.  He replies that he likes to take.

I’m so wet now that I’m sure that my chair must be moist beneath me.  If you haven’t tried this already you should.  Dirty talk whilst sitting on top of a bullet is so wicked.  Then he presses send and I see that he has just come whilst talking to me.

Suze is so excited and can’t wait for Alex to come home and finish what she started…

These panties are ideal for the ladies of any size and are so comfortable to wear for hands free fun.  If I could make one suggestion to Fetish Fantasies it would be that they reduce the size of the bullet and give it multiple settings.  But they gave me a fun filled afternoon so I’m not complaining.  😉

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.