Doc Johnson Mood 7 Function Bullet

Doc Johnson Mood 7 Function Bullet

Doc Johnson Mood 7 Function Bullet

I’m loving the matt black packaging on this new range of products from Doc Johnson.  The previous packaging from them has been rather dated and quite pedestrian, it’s nice to see that they are bringing their image up to date and developing a classy look.

Staying with the packaging theme, they have developed a colour coding guide on the back of the packaging which enables the user to quickly ascertain the key features of the product.  An aid to quick selection without the complications of having to read an appraisal of the product.

I’m all for a quick thrill.  😉

Rather than “Bullet” I would describe this toy as a “Cigar Bullet” which as the name infers, means the vibrator is longer than a standard bullet. Which also implies there are an increased number of potential applications for this bullet vibrator.

Quite often a bullet’s application is predominantly for clitoral stimulation because of the nature of its shape and size.  But with the Doc Johnson 7 Function Bullet its length offers so many opportunities.

Doc Johnson have considered not just the looks of this Mood bullet in its streamline organically decorated shaft but the silky soft finish.  Unlike a lot of other bullets the Doc Johnson Mood 7 Function Bullet has a very tactile velvety surface which feels soft, silky and warm against the flesh.

Here are some of its finer points.

  • Offers quiet but powerful vibrations on 2 x AAA batteries.
  • Is waterproof for bathroom pleasures.
  • Can be used with water based, silicone and water/silicone hybrid lubricants,
  • With 3 x constants & 4 pulse/constant speed settings you are going to find one to suit your mood.
  • Can be used for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation.
  • Simply hold the button in the base in for several seconds to terminate when required.
  • Is easily secreted in a purse, pocket or glove box for personal pleasure on the go.  😉

Now for something to get me in the mood.  (I couldn’t resist)

Follow me, my Doc Johnson Mood 7 Function Bullet is waiting for me on my bedside draws it may be mid morning but I like an orgasm for my elevenses.  Lol  There aren’t many jobs where you can sneak off and have a good wank.  Lol

It’s another dismal day out there and so dark that I’m not even bothering to pull the curtains today.  Why bother there is nobody about.

The perfect day for some self pleasure don’t you think?

And it was bloody cold.  I made my way to the bathroom with the 7 Function Bullet clasped in my hand.  After holding it under the warm running tap the warmth spread through the bullet’s casing making it warm to the touch.

After a quick dry I wandered back to the bedroom to enjoy the vibratory release of the morning’s tensions.  This was a quick flick and I left on my sweatshirt but kicked my tracksuit bottoms and panties to the floor.  I didn’t look too hot wearing my socks and navy top but I was nice and warm as I pulled the duvet over my lower half.

After all nobody’s watching this is for me and me alone.  My naughty indulgence.

The Mood Bullet slipped between my pussy lips without notice, the heat was still present and compared to my own.  I nudged my excited clitoris with the tip and felt the blood flow in anticipation.

I probed my depths with the tip of the vibrator engulfing most of the shaft, simultaneously depressing the button in the base.  The constant speeds felt good buzzing deep inside my vagina.  But this was only a quick pit stop.  I wanted some clitoral fun and I knew the Doc Johnson Mood bullet could do the trick.

With the shaft fully lubed up I placed the vibrating tip over my engorged clitoris.  It felt good just letting the strong waves of vibration work their magic on me and my clit started to pulse.  I stepped it up a little working through the vibratory patterns until I reached the last but for me the most arousing.  😉

The low level escalation of the vibrations made me come up in goose bumps and take a sharp intake of breath as I started to succumb to their attentions.  It was a perfect pitch, so in tune with my body that I found myself almost panting along with the vibratory melody.

I could feel the chorus line heading my way as the rapture of the rhythm captivated me.  A few more bars and I would be there…

Engulfed by the crescendo I wilted there on the mattress, spent and happy.

The Doc Johnson Mood 7 Function Bullet can be used by anyone with a desire for pleasure, with a little imagination it can be what you want it to be.



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