Climax Flicker Review

Climax Flicker

Climax Flicker

I love remote toys, not having to change settings by touch is a great asset when it comes to toys. So you can imagine my delight when sent me a remote controlled Climax Flicker from Topco.

It’s very girly and I’m sure Busty my work colleague and muse would love it as it is a opalescent pink. 🙂

Here are her vital statistics:

She is waterproof and made from ABS/PVC

Driven by 2 x AA batteries held in the controller

With 7 speed/function settings you are bound to find one that tickles your fancy

The egg measures 6.5cm in length with a diameter of 2.5cm and the tickle is 3cm

With a lead between the controller and bullet measuring 50cm

This looked like a toy I could take to work and after the week I had encountered it would be a wonderful distraction at lunchtime. I loaded her and put her in my glove box where she would sit with my mind distracted by her until it was play time.

Friday morning passed relatively quickly at work, if you compare it to the rest of the week that is. Lol We had a few laughs between us because Friday is a much lighter day and we feel more relaxed and share a few naughty thoughts. 😉

It was the day that Horny admitted that she had partaken in “sex on the beach”, which came up as a result of that days news story about the Brits who have just been sentenced to 3 months in a jail in Dubai for the very same act.

Therefore by the time that lunch came around I was ready for a bit of onanism. I hurriedly purchased my sandwich from the Bride of Wildenstein down at my local greasy spoon and took it back to my parked up car to eat. Why the hell have they now got a scary woman behind the counter who is more inclined to put custom off than the previous girls I really don’t know.

I used to enjoy letching over some of the girls they have employed over the last year or so. None of them seemed to last long much to my dismay. There was one particular girl…

…sorry, got carried away for a moment. 😉

I finished up my ham salad sandwich, screwed up the bag and placed it in the pocket in my door to deal with later. Opening the glove box I pulled out the toilet tissue and tore off a generous length to wipe my fingers clean and placed this too in the door.

My little Climax Flicker was sitting patiently on top of my car manuals, my latest kinky read (I’ll be reviewing that later) and a wheel brace nut thingy majig. I reached in to grab it and closed the glove compartment.

Looking out of my side windows and through my mirrors I could see nobody around. My car was the only one in the carpark. I raised my ass of the seat and raised my skirt to just on the knee to facilitate easy access to my pussy.

Good planning in the morning had helped me select my panties for the day, boyshorts, ones with an ample gusset not my usual thong. I needed panties of substance to keep my little friend in place. So the choice for the day was black lycra boyshorts and a black skirt, white blouse and black cardigan.

I inserted the egg from the side and slipped it between my already expectant and moist pussy lips seating it firmly against my clitoris. It felt cool from being in the car, I should have warmed it in my hands first.

Egg in place I sat back against the seat and took the control unit in my right hand. There is an on/off switch which means you don’t have to cycle back through the settings to turn off the vibrations, good in case of emergencies. Say if your boss was coming. Lol

The first speed was good, powerful, I moved through the settings until I hit the fast and mind blowing SETTING 5…fast constant and sends vibrations rippling through you like a stone cast in to a pond.

So intense was the vibration that I jumped in my seat when I discovered that glorious number 5. I must point out that I really couldn’t feel the effect of the little tail which wiggles around on the CF because once it is in place between your labia the tail is trapped.

That said I did try the wiggly tail when I got home on my nipples and it was a very effective nipple teaser, lashing my hard buds.

The vibrations cutting through my body were amazing but not enough to bring me off, I needed more. I sat up a little straighter on my seat and started to grind my pussy in to the firm seat below.

This intensified the vibrations and at the same time massaged my clit. I alternated between a slight wiggle and back and forth motions and it seemed to be hitting the spot. I gazed through the windscreen checking that nobody was around and as my eyes descended to my groin I noticed that I was getting close to the end of lunch and had to stop my naughtiness.

I got that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I hit the “Off” switch.

Manyana my Climax Flicker

The Climax’s flicky tail may not be effective on your pussy, but it is fun on your nipples, or your partners. The real plus for this toy is its shear power when used as a pussy egg. I haven’t got it to bring me off yet, but with a strength that rattles your teeth (almost) when you use it I’m sure my little pink friend and I will be reaching that particular peak soon.

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