Megasol Bodyglide Lubricant

Megasol Bodyglide

Megasol Bodyglide

Bodyglide is a waterbased lubricant which can safely be used with latex condoms and sex toys. It is also oil and fat free making it vegan friendly too. There are a variety of scrummy flavours ranging from plain vanilla to exotic flavours like passion fruit.

This lubricant can be used in a variety of ways too it’s not just for intercourse and toy play, let your imagination run wild. Why not try applying Bodyglide as you would a massage oil, it’s moisture retentive qualities avoid it drying out and provide the same emollient effects. You can be assured that Bodyglide had been dermatologically tested for compatibility with skin and mucous membranes and is body safe.

Then afterwards no need to wash off, why not try teasing your partner with your tongue, these lubes really do taste good enough to eat. Cleaning up afterwards was never so much fun. 😉 And if you do happen to have a mishap, because it is water soluble it will wash straight out of linen and clothing.

I tested the Cherry flavour and as soon as I opened it and got that hit of cherry flavoured chewing gum I just wanted to lavish it all over Alex. I’m betting you can guess where it ended up being applied. 😉

Bodyglide is very cost effective because I found a little went a long way and lasted a long time. And unlike some sexual lubes it didn’t leave a sticky residue behind, more a feeling of moisturisation.

Just a quick word of warning it isn’t a contraceptive, should be stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

I enjoyed popping my cherry perhaps you should try it too. 😉

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