Splash Coconut Cream From Blush

Splash Coconut Cream Vibrator From Blush Novelties

Splash Coconut Cream Vibrator From Blush Novelties

The Splash Coconut Cream vibrator is one of a range of 8 vibes which are named after fruit – bar one, the rabbit version is called The Butterfly Stroker Mini.

Blush’s Coconut Cream is presented in no fuss packaging, basically a clear plastic case with backing card featuring bullet points relating to the product.

Size wise this vibrator falls somewhere between a standard vibrator and a bullet.  It’s not too wieldy and easy to operate via the twist base which controls the speed.

I wasn’t impressed with the build quality of this vibrator, the soft TPR shaft allows for movement of the bullet within it which may put strain on the connections over time.

Check out the features of the Splash Coconut Cream whilst I locate my lube.

  • Is powered by 2 x AAA batteries.
  • Offers multispeed constant vibrations via the twist and turn base.
  • Being waterproof can be enjoyed in the bathroom as well as the bedroom.
  • Has an insertable length of 11.5cm and a circumference of 11.5cm max.

I washed the vibrator in anti-bac soap and retrieved my water based lube from my bedside draw.  TPR has a tendency to pull on dry skin so lubricant is a must for me with toys made from this material.

Would the Coconut Cream make me cream?

I was wondering because the shaft has no rigidity just how it would fair in the bedroom.

It was dark outside and I pulled the curtains too, dark nights are great for snuggling under the duvet with a new toy.  😉

Alex was banging away on his keyboard next door as I slipped under the welcoming duvet and I felt a little naughty sneaking off for a bit of a wank.

I applied a blob of lubricant to the tip and worked it over the head ready for penetration.

Placing the soles of my feet together made my pussy easily accessible and ready for some action.  It felt good as the bulbous head of the Coconut Cream pushed inside my vaginal entrance.

But once inside I didn’t get the penetrative feedback that you get from firm shafted vibrators.  In fact it felt like it was floating about inside me rather than making contact with my g-spot.  A bit like a floppy dick.

Perhaps I would get more feedback when I powered up the vibrations…

As I turned the base it became very noticeable that there is very little variation in the speeds of this vibrator and the turning arc is a small one.

On maximum speed this vibrator wasn’t quite hitting the spot for me.  I tried gently fucking myself with it, which felt good as the head popped in and out of me but it still wasn’t making me tremble.

Additionally the lubricant was now running down the shaft and on to the integral twist turn base, making my grip extremely difficult and changing speed impossible.

The Blush Coconut Cream may not have been for me but might work better for a sex toy newbie or someone with a very sensitive pussy but don’t apply too much lube and keep a tissue close to hand to wipe the base.

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.