Onye Kenya Petite From Big Teaze Toys
Onye Kenya Petite From Big Teaze Toys

I spent some time hanging out with the guys from Big Teaze at eroFame, they are very interesting and friendly.  Their CEO is even more so, he once worked for Mattel Toys therefore will not entertain any material which isn’t body friendly.  A very good ethos to have when working with close contact sex products.

So given his background you would expect exactly what you get with Big Teaze products.  They are fun, visually engaging and practical with the surety that you can play as safely as a child.

I pondered their stand for a while hunter gathering and selected a couple of products which caught my eye and the Onye Kenya was one such product.

It’s a bullet with an eye catching zebra skin print design printed on it.  Perfect for the lady seeking stylish pleasures.  It also comes complete with a travel case to avoid any embarrassing moments like the one I had a few years ago at the airport.  I’ll tell you about it later.  Lol

Because the Onye Kenya Petite is as the name suggests…small it opens up lots of opportunity for play, slip it in to your bra cup or panties for a little naughty fun.  Or it’s ideal for shallow vaginal play, massaging your entrance.  The opportunities are varied and most of all fun.  😉

So here is the Onye Kenya Petite’s pedigree…

  • The Onye Petite is easily operated via the push button in the base, for on/off action.
  • Is waterproof for a little bathroom pleasure.
  • Slips nicely in to your bag or glove box for some on the go fun.
  • Comes complete with a flip top travel case for discreet transit.

I decided to deploy my new vibe to my clitoral area as it seemed to be the appropriate point of contact.  Oh and  I love clitoral play.  ;0

So come on, follow me to the bedroom and we’ll get down and dirty…

Being a single speed vibrator I knew that for me personally I would need to incorporate that little bit extra.  I slipped out of my jeans and panties and slipped under the covers not daring to strip totally due to the drop in temperature.

It was Winter and felt like it today.

The duvet was warm and inviting as I slipped under it complete with Onye Keya Petite vibe in my hand.  Being so small it wasn’t long before the wild buck was ready to work its magic on me.

I had spent a morning chasing up potential clients and this was to be my reward for all the hard work I had put in.  😉

One push of the button fired the Onye Kenya Petite in to action and I slowly lowered it between my legs and between my moist pussy lips.  It felt cold as it parted me but within moments warmed to me.  The vibrations now rippled against my clitoris as I held it close.

I felt the spark of interest between my legs as the vibe took control.  It felt good but I needed more, a circular motion of the bullet against my clitoris was working wonders as I curled my toes downward.  Moments later I was super sensitive and my clit was pulsing with pleasure.

And then…

This small bullet can satisfy me, then it can give pleasure to all levels of user when used in the right way.  It is small which makes it both portable and easy to deploy so why not give it a try.

A good toy for beginners and seasoned users alike.




By Suze

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