Pipedream Metal Worx Teaser Butt Plug
Pipedream Metal Worx Teaser Butt Plug

The feel of the Metal Wörx products from Pipedream is very much that of a piece of kit that a skilled technician might buy. In this case it’s aimed at the skilled and discerning sex toy user who appreciates a well made and beautiful sex toy like this. The box looks like it should contain a piece of camera equipment being made from black plastic, aluminium and steel. Inside your new butt plug awaits nestled in a foam liner.

Weighing in at a hefty 450 grams (1lb) this small to medium sized butt plug is significantly heavier than lower quality plugs of similar size. It’s solid steel chromed and polished to a mirror finish not hollow as so many metal butt plugs are. Being chromed not stainless steel there’s no nickel so anyone with a nickel allergy doesn’t have to worry about a reaction to the material. And of course being metal it can be heated or cooled under the tap to change how it feels when you first insert it.

This is a simple sex toy and one that feels great to hold and look at. A round-nosed tip, slender body and elegant neck finished in a spherical section that sits outside your anus when it’s inserted.

I asked Suze to insert the butt plug as I know how much she likes to penetrate me and having someone else slide a sex toy inside you is so much more exhilarating than doing it yourself. A little anal lube had the smooth polished surface sliding easily into place, my sphincter muscles grabbing it as it reached the widest point and clamping down on the neck.

I had been on all fours while she inserted the Metal Wörx butt plug so I sat back on my haunches with my cock lolled across my left thigh. If was almost immediately semi erect and I was amused to see Suze staring at the semi-exposed glans while I felt my member stir. “It’s dribbling already!” she exclaimed as a jewel of precum formed at the opening to my urethra.

The weight and shape of the butt plug was more noticeably than any butt plug I’ve tried before. I’ve had bigger up there but the weight of this one is marvellously effective when it comes to making its presence known. The flow of precum, that had now turned into a puddle on my leg showed that my prostate was being gently massaged, even though I didn’t feel it was being insistently probed as I would with an anal sex toy designed specifically for prostate stimulation. It was intense but not overwhelming.

Suze leaned over and licked the tip of my cock with her tongue. Then, taken with the taste that she can never resist started to lap at the glistening patch on my leg until she had consumed it all. I was now developing an erection and presented with the sight of my hard cock in her face Suze didn’t hesitate to take me into her mouth. I stroked her hair and let her work her magic on me, her tongue sliding around my shaft and teasing me in every way you can possibly imagine and ones that you cannot.

I expected her to push me back onto the bed, straddle me and slide my now rock hard cock inside her but instead she began to take me deeper and deeper into her mouth then slipped her hand around to my buttock and dug her long fingernails into my tight butt. I groaned in pleasure, feeling the tip of my penis hit the back of her throat. Then her hand moved again and she gently grasped the spherical handle of the butt plug and moved it in a circular motion to massage the inside of my ass. “I’m going to cum.” I tried to tell her, she heard me but simply carried on and waited for the explosion.

This is a really great sex toy, durable, practical and great to look at. I know we’ll both be enjoying this metal butt plug for years to come.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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