Pipedream Metal Worx Love Plug
Pipedream Metal Worx Love Plug

Metal Wörx is a range of metal sex toys from Pipedream Products, a US manufacturer that has a huge sex toy portfolio. The Love Plug is just one of the Metal Wörx sex toys but is built to the same high quality and comes in the same style of workman-like aluminium boxes too. Yep, that’s right every one of these steel sex toys has its own sturdy box, similar to the ones that you’d see some engineers and many photographers carrying their equipment in.

Unclip the box and you’ll find your highly polished metal dildo in its own custom made foam cushion. You can even peel off the label from the top of the box to make this storage case completely anonymous should it be left lying around.

Enough of the case, on to the toy. The Love Plug is a metal butt plug with a sensible loop handle and a shape that is designed to hit a man’s P Spot. It has two wide sections, one at the head more conical, the one between the head and the handle is teardrop shaped. This isn’t a big anal sex toy in fact I’d go so far as to say that even a beginner could use the Love Plug because of its smooth shape and unchallenging size.

Being metal this sex toy is compatible with any lubricant, so long as you use plenty of it as is true with any anal toy. The smooth profile, gentle curves and highly polished finish means it is also very easy to keep spotlessly clean and hygienic with just soap and water.

All metal sex toys can be heated or cooled before use by immersing them in water of the required temperature increasing the range of experiences they can deliver. Before I describe what the Metal Wörx Love Plug is like to use I have to mention one obviously silly feature of the toy – a “jewel” in the handle. I have one question for the designers “Why?” The plastic gem they have embedded in the Love Plug is colourless so you can hardly see it. A coloured “gem” would have shown up far better.

Suze insisted on giving me a hand with this review so with a pot of anal lube cream in one hand and a metal butt plug in the other she had me kneel on all fours with my legs slightly splayed. As soon as I had assumed the position I felt the lubed tip of the Love Plug against my ass making small circular motions. I relaxed and waited for the pressure on my hole to increase and a moment later the tip had slipped easily inside. A little more pressure and the second section disappeared inside me, the loop handle being quickly drawn up against the puckered entrance and settling into place.

Normally that would have indicated that the butt plug was a little on the small side, and indeed it isn’t very large. The pressure on my P Spot was slight, pleasurable but gentle and yet something about the design of the Love Plug made me feel filled.

I felt Suze place one hand on my cock and the other on the butt plug. She slowly stroked me, as if milking my hardening penis until I was fully erect and glistening with precum. She suggested I tried the plug with my body in different positions, always a good idea if you are using one in company or for solo masturbation as it can dramatically change the sensations you are feeling. On my side, back, even standing up the plug stayed in place and combined with the slow and firm strokes Suze was applying to my penis the experience became increasingly intense.

I took over when I approached orgasm, laying on my back with my knees raised and apart, stroking myself slowly until the overwhelming tension was released. As I spewed cum over my belly my ass twitched, gripping the Love Plug and in turn massaging my P Spot to increase the pleasure of my orgasm.

What a great toy! Ignoring the pointless bling in the handle this is a really nice piece of work, well packaged and not too expensive. It’s not what you’d call bargain basement prices but then a metal butt plug will never wear out. And with its small size this will suit even anal virgins.






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By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.