Mega Booty Beads Review

Mega Booty Beads

Mega Booty Beads

Mega Booty Beads are a sex toy that is intended for anal use. When performing a sex toy review it’s always wise to have lube to hand and in the case of an anal sex toy review it is vital. So with water based lube to hand I prepared for a bit of butt action.

Suze was at the hairdressers so Solo play was the order of the day. I’m so dedicated to these sex toy reviews that I’ll get on with it without any help of a safety net.

The Mega Booty Beads have two unique selling points as I see it. They are flexible, but hold their shape in use and the vibrator works along the whole length of the toy making for a new sensation. The reason this is possible is stiff yet flexible spine of steel and plastic beads linking the tip and the AA battery powered bullet vibrator.

Because of the posable nature of the toy it’s ideal for solo plat allowing you to create a U shape toy that presents the power/control switch towards you while the toy is inserted.

I chose to lay back on the bed and lube up my ass as this allows me to easily manipulate my cock too. The toy slipped in easily with lube and gently pressure as I allowed my sphincter muscles to relax. This isn’t a large toy and is perfect for the anal beginner, despite the “Mega” prefix to the name.

Experimenting with the vibration programmes was fun, the vibrations are pleasurable but not too intense. The most fun is to be had by squeezing your muscles around the toy as this changes the way in which the vibrations are transmitted through your groin. With the battery/control compartment of the Mega Booty Beads pressed against your balls you can feel it working in side your ass and against your scrotum simultaneously.

Because the Mega Booty Beads are posable it is also possible to create a shape to stimulate anyone’s internal geography and I’m sure you get hours of fun from experimenting with it.

Once the beads were in place I stroked myself to erection, wishing I had put on a DVD to watch but being more than adequately aroused by the memories of last night’s sex with Suze and the thought of my cock between her boobs, thrusting in and out …

Having an anal toy inside you when you cum really emphasises the tensing of muscles throughout your groin. Your ass grips the toy making its vibrations more intense and you gasp with the intensity. The Mega Booty Beads also pressed against my perineum in the U shape I had them bent into.

Removing the mega Booty Beads is enjoyable too, feeling each bead pop out. Not too intense as they are quite small, but a sensory treat nonetheless.

Cleaning is easy, the surfaces are smooth and you can partially disassemble the Mega Booty Beads by twisting them as described in the instructions on the packet.

Don’t be put off by the “Mega” in Mega Booty Beads, it’s a relative term relating to their small sibling product “Booty Beads” they are great for beginner and intermediate anal play so buy some lube and enjoy them.

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.