Lelo Liv Review

Lelo Liv

Lelo Liv

The Lelo Liv is a compact and deceptively simple vibrator, both in terms of its operation and its styling. In the Liv, Lelo have created a toy that can be used by a man or a woman, though not at the same time.

This reviews is about my use of the toy so you might think that it would be all about anal. Well no. You see I first played with the toy by stimulating my perineum, rubbing the tip up and down between my balls and ass while watching Suze experiment with her (pink) Liv. Mine’s blue by the way.

The toy has one continuous setting with 12 speeds and 4 pulsating/escalating programmes, again controllable at 12 different speeds. This amount of control means it’s possible to really enjoy the perineal stimulation without feeling like your balls are being shaken off.

Of course I really wanted to try the Lelo Liv internally, so a few drops of Pjur Lube was required to ensure a smooth entry. The silicone tip of the toy required a few attempts to insert into my anus, with each attempt a little more lube and a little more progress was made, until the Liv slipped gently into place. The Liv isn’t big, but like all anal toys it requires plenty of lubrication for comfortable use. And like all silicone toys it requires a bit of extra lube on top of that.

Once in place the Liv, did not exhibit the tendency to pop out. This can be a problem for toys that don’t have a distinct neck to allow your sphincter to grip them. Its simple, curved shape encouraged my ass to hold it in place and feel the full effect of the vibrations when I turned it on. I found that the most intense, fastest speed was most satisfying in constant mode, but in any of the pulsing modes a lesser speed was required due to the more intense stimulation created by the patterns of vibration.

I ended up with a setting of about 8 and pulsing mode which made my arse muscles clench involuntarily. Gently moving the Live with my hand caused me to gasp. It falls right on my P-Spot i.e. prostate and boy was that intense. Every vibration, every movement of the toy made me feel like I would cum their and then, it sends a shudder through me just thinking about it.

I enjoyed the toy for a while. Clenching and squeezing it inside me. I played with the control, which is very easy to use when you have the Lelo Liv inside you due to its simple design and moulded control which allows you to operate it by touch alone. A small exploratory movement with my hands, pressing the vibe one way then the other made me catch my breath and realise that the simple shape was perfect for my male G-Spot.

However before I got carried away I felt the overwhelming urge for Suze to take control. I slipped over onto my front and asked her to help. On hands and knees she slipped the Liv in and out creating a sensation that was both pleasurably and intense.

With Suze in charge a whole new dimension was added to the experience. With little flicks of the Liv and gentle pushing in and out allowed her to find the orgasmic centres. The pressure against my G-Spot and the gentle in-out was a dirty turn-on that I wont forget soon. As she continued to gently fuck me with the vibrator, the sensations took over and I experienced what may be the most pleasure I have ever encountered from anal stimulation.

It was intense without being painful, powerful with little noise. The fact that it was Suze who was controlling the experience made it all the more horny.

I expected the Liv to be good, it comes from Lelo after all and they are a quality sex toys manufacturer. But the Liv really did exceed my expectations.

As I said at the beginning you or your partner can use this toy so maybe you ought to buy two Lelo Livs to avoid arguments.

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.