Lelo Bob
Lelo Bob

The Bob Prostate Massager is a 10cm long and 3 cm wide prostate massager from the Swedish sex toy hothouse that is Lelo. It’s been around for years so I was surprised that I’d not reviewed it on this site; That’s about to be remedied.

The Lelo Bob is made from top quality silicone, a firm grade that gives the very narrow neck of the toy strength with just enough flexibility to make it very comfortable to use. The insertable section is a sleek shape that curves gently from the slender neck to the streamlined tip. The other side of the neck is a ring which serves both to prevent the Bob disappearing inside you and makes it easy to retrieve.

You can choose from two colours, a dark blue and a dark, almost brown red. Your Bob will arrive in the usual, attractive Lelo packaging and not some cheap bubble pack. Exactly what you would expect from a quality sex toy.

This is essentially a dildo for men so there are no leads, no controls, no batteries because here it’s the shape that does the work for you. You’ll need some good quality water based lubricant each time you use the Bob – and that’s all there is to it.

Using the Bob is easy because the rounded insertable end slips through your anal sphincters with a little gentle pressure. There are no nodules or wavy shapes to make your ass tense up and impede the Bob’s passage inside, that means that the prostate massage is gentle too, noticeable but not too insistent. I tried the Bob on my back, gently manipulating the Lelo Bob with one hand while masturbating with the other. Pulling the Bob almost out then allowing my ass to draw it back in again was easy and intensely fulfilling, so much so that when I pulled out the Bob altogether my ass seemed to wonder where it had gone and felt empty for a while. So I put it back in and continued to pleasure myself.

I was enjoying the gentle presence of the Bob against my prostate as I stroked my hard cock and realised that while it doesn’t have the distinct and deep shoulder at the base as some anal toys have it was held firmly in place. Nice design. And it was as I contemplated this with my eyes shut I felt Suze straddle me and rub herself along my hard length. I let her pussy brush away my hand and was quickly coated with her juices, then engulfed by her as she rode me for a while. I watched her eyes close as she concentrated on using me as her own sex toy for a few minutes then pushed her over and rolled over, still between her legs and buried inside her.

She smiled, with eyes full of lust that implored me to fuck her. Who was I to refuse, with the Bob in my ass and my cock buried inside Suze I had a vigour that brought her to a wet, fragrant climax in seconds, quickly followed by my orgasm that seemed to centre on the Lelo Bob gripped in my ass by the paroxysm of pleasure.

Like all Lelo products this one isn’t cheap but at £35 for something that will last for years if treated properly it’s good value. It’s not the largest of male prostate massagers so if you eventually want to move up to more challenging sizes you may leave this one behind. However it will always be there for when you just need a little tease and not a massive Kapow! of anal fulfilment.




By Suze

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