Fun Factory Share XS
Fun Factory Share XS

Another day, another sex toy review!

The Fun Factory Share XS is the third in the Fun Factory Share range of toys. All are designed for hands-free use by a woman to penetrate their partner. The original Fun Factory Share was intended to be unisex. The Share XL is slightly larger and equipped with stimulating ridges. And now the Share XS is equipped with a dinky little finger sized insertable end ideal for anal penetration.

We tested the original Share a while a go and although it was fun the shear size of the toy made it impossible to use on me to its full potential. Used girl-girl it would have been much more practical. The Fun Factory XL is a toy we haven’t tried but looks great for the girl that needs that little bit more.

However this is a review about the Share XS.

The Fun Factory Share XS is designed for use by a woman on their partner, male or female. It slips up inside the woman’s vagina and equips them with a silicone “penis” about the size of a stout index finger. Suze found a little lube was required to insert the toy inside her, but once in pace it locks in. The bulbous section is designed to be gripped by your vaginal muscles and the shape of the section of the toy which sits outside your body incorporates a flat area to increase stability during use, particularly initial penetration.

The toy is made from one piece of ultra-safe medical grade silicone. This makes it flexible and easy to clean.

So how does it feel to be penetrated by the Share XS?

Rather nice I found, but getting into the correct position took a little experimentation.

When we tested the original Share Suze found it difficult to get our relative heights right. Doggy seemed the best position to try and yet even then I always seemed too high. In that case the length of the Share came to the rescue, the extra reach it gave meant everything worked out OK.

The Share XS is much smaller. This makes for a more comfortable experience for the person “receiving” but does mean you have to get all the angles just right. Suze is only six inches shorter then me and yet I was positioned so high when on my knees that she could not manouver the Share XS near enough to enter my ass. After a few abortive attempts I ended up on my back with my legs pulled up.

This allowed Suze to enter me, then thrust in and out of me. The relatively small size of the XS in comparison to the other two Share toys meant this is a thoroughly stimulating experience with no need to take the care required by its larger siblings in the range.

Although unfamiliar with the thrusting motion (Suze’s hips don’t do the male version of the pelvic thrust, just the female one LOL) Suze soon got into the experience and I found myself being enthusiastically fucked. The stretching of my ass made me gasp, but in a good way. It was stimulating rather than uncomfortable, just as it should be. The share is very flexible which means the P Spot stimulation from the up-turned tip of the Share XS is gentle but noticeable, not too intense.

I was rather disappointed when she withdrew the Share XS, but happy that she was simply applying more lube to ensure things continued smoothly.

I began to stroke my cock when she entered me again, which Suze appreciated. She loves to see me masturbate and I found her watching me intently until I was fully hard. At that point she could contain herself no longer and withdrew the share XS first from me, then herself and straddled me. She brushed aside my hand and engulfed me with her pussy. A few minutes later we both came and she collapsed across me smothering me with her boobs.

The Share XS provides fantastic fun for both partners. It’s not big enough to use as a strapless-strap-on if a woman wants to penetrate her female partner vaginally – You need the original Share or Share XL for that. The Share XS is a perfect size for girls wishing to fuck their partners anally, whether their partner is male or female.

Be prepared to experiment with different positions and as always with anal toys ensure there’s plenty of water based lube to hand. The sachet of “Toy Fluid” provided with the Share XS is simply a token gesture when it comes to a strapon, LOL.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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