Fun Factory Share
Fun Factory Share

I knew when I ordered the Fun Factory Share that I was going to like it. I have a bit of a kink for pushing things up Alex’s ass and fucking him with them. It appealed on two levels, I was about to make his ass mine and I wanted to imagine how I could fuck another girl with it when I find one. 😉

Lets get the technicalities out of the way first, its…

It has an insertable length of 17cm, the same as the maximum girth…Wow!
Made from 100% silicone which is flexible and hypoallergenic
It has no awkward angles or contours therefore is easily cleaned
And finally, and I believe the strongest point is that this toy can be used by lesbian/bi and heterosexual couples, how versatile is that!

Alex looked slightly wary when I removed it from the box, knowing exactly where it was going. Lol We are still fairly new to anal and have to take it easy but just give us time and…

It felt soft, warm and yielding to the touch, not at all frightening. We had already partaken in a few glasses of red before settling down on the bed with the Share between us. I had mentally worked out some angles before hand and prepared the lube, which was waiting on my bedside drawers.

Alex was totally naked and I had a short t-shirt on so that I was able to see what was going on. 😉 I lubed up the smaller nub and lay back on the bed as I inserted it in my pussy. As soon as I started to push it inside me it slipped in to place quite quickly, the angling and shape are perfect for the female anatomy.

When it was in place I could feel the end pushing up against my g-spot, exactly where I wanted it. This is the great thing about the Share double dildo, you get actual feedback because you wear it internally, unlike a strap-on.

I tried flexing my pc muscles and the dildo bounced up and down, almost like the motion a guy can achieve. Well, Alex can achieve, can all guys do that? The making his cock dance and do all sorts of … I never had another partner who did it. Perhaps that’s another post.

It was quite a horny experience being able to move my very own purple cock. 😉 I was starting to get in to the swing of things and feeling very aroused.

Now the dildo was in place and felt as if it was “locked” there, I rose to my knees. Alex was already positioned in front of me on his hands and knees as we had decided before hand. Not being sure which way would be most effective I thought this would allow me to penetrate him and then let him back on to me, taking total control.

I squirted a liberal amount of lube on to the tip of the Share and ran it around the end. As I approached his puckered anus I realised there was one slight problem with this and it was angling. Alex was higher that me and my cock was slung quite low, so a little manoeuvring is required to aid insertion but when you get in right, well…

As he lowered himself on to me I stayed perfectly still but I must admit I wanted to fuck deep and hard in to his tight ass. I had to control my primal urge to fuck his ass hard (give us a little more practice and I’m sure we will get there but for now I have to be careful and take it easy. Right, where were we.)

Once the correct angles were achieved I was ready to fuck, I very gently moved my hips back and forth, careful not to be too forceful. With each hip movement the nub of the Share massaged my g-spot but I just couldn’t give it a good work out as we had to be so careful.

I can imagine that this is a wonderful toy to use on another girl, you get the feedback, the power and the view whilst fucking your partner. Even though I couldn’t just go for it I was incredibly aroused and very, very wet.

This time we were very careful but I get the feeling that next time we may be able to take it one step further.

One word of warning, if you are going to use it anal to vaginal then ensure that you don’t cross contaminate. It looks oh-so-horny in porn, but infections down there aren’t fun and the human digestive tract is teaming with bacteria.

I’m hoping to be able to give this a really good work out soon and fulfil the Dom in me, Alex you better watch out.

All I can say is for the price this is the most perfect strapon girl/girl or boy/girl toy to experiment with. I’ll keep you all posted. 😉

You can also see our video of the share here.

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