Lastic Pocket Vibe
Lastic Pocket Vibe

This is one of the smallest sex toys you can buy and it’s sooooo cute! The Lastic Pocket Vibe from Adrien Lastic is a single speed bullet vibrator that’s waterproof and comes with a silicone outer sheath shaped like a cute bunny rabbit. The pair of pink “ears” waggle temptingly on the tip of the vibe and the sheath is pierced to give the impression of two shiny eyes by exposing the chrome finished bullet underneath.

The silky silicone needs a little lubrication to get you started so ensure that you apply a little natural moisture or a drop of lube to enable your new bunny friend slides over your sensitive areas easily. The controls on this sex toy are as simple as they can be – one speed, on and off with a push button on the base. Oh, and remember to take off the little paper disk that insulates the pre-installed batteries before you start otherwise the bunny will not buzz!

I don’t know why but I thought I’d try this one out in the kitchen in the middle of the afternoon while I waited for Alex to get back from a client. It’s a bit cold for dresses now so I had to slip down my jeans and expose my ass and pussy to the cool air. It felt really naughty leant back against the counter top in broad daylight with my shaved pussy exposed, jeans and knickers mid-thigh. OK, so the only people who can see over the fence in the back garden are horse riders on the bridal path but the thought that one might look in fired up my usually well hidden exhibitionist side.

I dipped the bullet inside myself to draw out some of my own fluids then turned the pocket vibe on. I got to work on my clit, half shutting my eyes so I could let myself drift off and enjoy the feeling of frigging myself next to the fridge. 😉  The cool air on my inner thighs emphasised the wetness that started to accumulate, but although it was fun the vibe wasn’t rocking my world. I persevered for a few minutes but the tingling never turned into the familiar sensation of the build up to a climax.

I pulled up my jeans and washed the vibe putting it away for later.

When Alex and I were in bed later we tried the Adrien Lastic Pocket Vibe out again. It was fun on our nipples and on Alex’s frenulum and perineum, Alex even played with it on my clit while we made love. That was nice because the vibe is small it doesn’t get in the way.  😉  All that said I found this to be fun but not fantastic, good for a bit of foreplay but not a bullet vibrator that will bring me to a body shaking orgasm.

This vibe is compact and great fun but it wasn’t the right frequency for me, having a slightly higher frequency than I like. However if you’re looking for discreet stimulation from a vibe that can be hidden in the smallest of handbags, and especially if you have a very, very sensitive clitoris or a vibrator newbie then you’ll not find a cuter little naughty companion than the Lastic Pocket Vibe.





By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.