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Pasante Vibrating Cock Ring

Pasante Vibrations Cock Ring

Cock rings come in several varieties from the expensive multi-use type to ones like this, the Pasante Vibrations Cock Ring, a disposable, single use cock ring made for...

MyStim Public Enemy Cock Cage

Public Enemy No 2 Cock Cage

A cock cage is not your everyday sex toy, if indeed there can be such a thing as an everyday sex toy. I say this because some sex toys such as vibrators, dildos and even... Value Big Name Sex Toys

It’s the ultimate aim for all of us, get the best products at the cheapest price from a well-known supplier. When it comes to buying sex toys online it’s not easy to...

Charging Chester Estim Realistic Dildo

Mystim Charging Chester

Mystim have been working hard over the past few years to develop a range of products which hold appeal to all levels of sex toy user.  Charging Chester (I can’t help...