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Adrien Lastic Spartacus R Penis Sheath

Spartacus R Vibrating Penis Sheath Review

When I reviewed the original Spartacus Cock Ring I had a few reservations about it. When...

Sliquid Organics

Sliquid Organics Balance, Escape Massage Oil

A bit of a mouthful I know.  Sliquid tend to do that with their products.  Lol For the...

E-Stim Python

E-Stim Python Electo-Compression Device

The E-Stim Python is an electro-compression device from E-Stim systems deisgned...

Lelo Siri 2 Music Vibrator

Lelo Siri 2, Music Vibrator

I’m a fan of Lelo, yes they’ve had a couple of misses over the years but overall they...

Adrien Lastic Devol Cock Ring

Devol Cock Ring

The Devol Cock Ring from Adrien Lastic is as simple as a vibrating sex toy can be. That...

Flow Motion Organic Lube

FlowMotion Organic Lubricant Gel

We receive adult products to test from all around the world but it’s difficult to get...

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